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Kathy Graham » Preschool Curriculum

Preschool Curriculum

The preschool curriculum is designed as a two year program. The children are taught basic skills to prepare them for the Kindergarten experience. Personal skills are very important to our curriculum. We teach the students to listen, follow directions, share, take turns, respect each other as well as the adults and teenagers in the classroom and follow procedures without a lot of adult intervention. We are trying to create independent learners as well as students that are respectful of others. As far as the academics go, we begin with the basic skills as a three year old and then build on them as 4 year olds.We work on recognizing the alphabet in sequential order then move to beginning sounds the second year. The Letter People are introduced in alphabetical order to give the students help with recognizing the letter as well as remembering the initial sound it makes. The letters Aa, Ee, Ii, Oo, and Uu are introduced as vowels. The four year old program includes basic reading skills--books are read from the cover to the last page, recognizing that letters put together make words, reading left to right, and recognizing basic sight words including the color words. The children are taught the numbers in sequential order with the goal of counting to 100 before going to Kindergarten. We do have a Friday Fun Science day each week which includes exploring our world and learning some basic science terms. Learning centers are set up daily to allow the students to practice their social skills. We have two block centers-cardboard & wooden blocks, a puppet theatre, housekeeping area, writing center, Lego table, car table, reading center, puzzle center, IPad tables, and various other centers set up daily. We have two group times to teach the basic skills. During these group times we sing songs and dance to reinforce the basic skills we are teaching in the classroom--the pledge, counting, calendar, days of the week, months of the year, shapes, and color words. We assign "classroom helpers" daily to help manage the basic chores in the classroom--flag helper, line leader, door holder, calendar helper, number helper, shape helper, bike helper. The children are given two outdoor play times--morning and afternoon, weather permitting. Our goal is to have the children leave our classroom prepared for the "real world" Kindergarten experience being both socially and academically ready to be successful.