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Rebecca Hall » AP links and tips for success

AP links and tips for success

If you want to score as high as possible on the AP English exam, or on any standardized test that measures your literacy skills, read more.  Read more, write about your reading, and write like the writers whose work you admire.  If you wanted to become a faster runner, you would run more.  Sometimes you would run indoors on a treadmill, and sometimes you would run uphill on trails in the woods.  Sometimes runs would be easier, and sometimes they'd be harder, but they'd all make you a stronger runner.  Reading is the same way: the only way to get better at it is by doing it.  Read popular, entertaining books for fun.  Read boring, tiresome books for about 40 pages before you abandon them and find a book you really want to read.  Read confusing, provocative books to understand their complexity.  Read engaging, insightful books to learn about new concepts.  Read compelling, beautiful books for insight into your life, or for a really impressive Senior Quote under your portrait in the yearbook.  Read for ten minutes while you're waiting in line.  Read for three hours on your couch while it rains outside and you forget about everything but the book in your lap.  Read at the same time every day, for at least half an hour a day, for 21 days, until it becomes a habit, and then keep on doing it out of habit until you've read more books than your English teacher, and then you could consider stopping, but I recommend you keep reading.